Jodhpur leads the country in creating awareness to wear masks- launches “No Mask, No Service” campaign

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In an attempt  to caution people to wear a face mask during these times of pandemic, the administrators of the Jodhpur district in the state of Rajasthan have launched a campaign that calls for “No Mask, No Service”  and “No Mask, No Entry” on Tuesday. Under this system, no individual will be allowed to enter public spaces or demand public services if the person is not using a face mask properly.

Posters advertising this campaign has been put up everywhere around the district, including on vehicles. As the number of Covid cases keep increasing throughout the country with the State of Rajasthan accounting for over 18,614 active cases till Tuesday, this campaign is seen as a welcome to educate people on the necessity of wearing a mask that is proved to cut the probability of contracting the virus by a considerable percentage.

The Jodhpur district collector has said that this is done keeping in mind ways to contain the spread of the deadly disease throughout the country. To the newspapers he has said, “Besides strictness, awareness is also necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The number of severe cases has been increasing in the state. The district administration, Police and Municipal Corporations are trying to create awareness among people that they won’t be allowed  in places or given services without masks.”

As lakhs of people throughout the nation continue to suffer from the disease, the state has accounted for 98,812 recoveries and 1,367 deaths from the disease.