Experts say another lockdown in Karnataka may lead to suicides

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Medical Education Minister, K Sudhakar announced a warning in the state on Wednesday regarding another enforcement of lockdown if people fail to take proper precautions and maintain social distancing norms to keep the rapidly rising Covid-19 cases in check. Hearing this, experts expressed disapproval for they conjecture this may lead to more loss than any positive effect on the current Covid-19 spike.

The experts say that the lockdown would have a temporary effect on the infection count. According to them, it is more important to educate the people of the state to enhance responsible social behaviour among them. This includes the teaching of proper use of the masks and ensuring the reduction of crowds and gatherings, especially in closed places.

An Epidemiologist, Dr. Giridhara R Babu said a lockdown in unnecessary and dangerous at this stage as it will lead to another economic fall.