Hospitals in Mangaluru face a shortage of staffs as PG docs and UG interns test positive

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To fight with the deadly coronavirus, the presence of the PG doctors and UG interns are important. But in Mangaluru, the house surgeons and the PG docs are testing positive for the coronavirus leading to a shortage of staff and an obstruction in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

After catching the infection, the doctors and the interns have to go to weeks of isolation and fully recover from the disease before the resumption of their work in the hospital and this is resulting in a lot of stress in executing the entire hospital system.

Several medical college officials explained the problem. For instance, the Dean of Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru informed that nearly 70 PG and UG interns were infected which almost “jeopardized” the system. Additionally, they have created separate isolation wards and provided other facilities for the infected.