India reaches milestone as active cases maintained below 10-lakh mark for two consecutive weeks

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The Health Ministry department reported that India has reached a significant milestone as the country has maintained a below 10-lakh mark in COVID cases for two consecutive weeks. The recovery rate on Monday, October 5, was pushed to 84.34 percent as 55,86,703 people have recovered from the infection.

The ministry believed that the Centre’s strategy of ‘test, track, trace and treat’ was successfully implemented across the States as well as in the Union Territories which resulted in early identification of cases that helped in prompt steps to mitigate the further spread of the virus.

More than seventy percent of the recovered cases were recorded in especially ten states and UT’s such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha. The highest recovered cases were reported in Maharashtra, followed by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.