Karnataka government to host a low-key Dasara festival this year

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Karnataka Government assumes that the arrival of tourists in Mysuru for the Dasara festival could result in a spike in the Covid-19 cases. With the festival approaching, the government officials are concerned about the expected spike in Mysuru city. Health officials along with the government are having discussions on how to control the spread of the virus as the festive seasons arrive and the travellers that visit from other parts of the State, especially Bengaluru.

The Dasara festival of Mysuru is one of the world-famous events and it attracts a lot of people from across the world for its grandeur every year. However, Dr. K Sudhakar, State Medical Education Minister of Karnataka said that the State has decided to keep the festival low-key this year.

The minister also added that the Covid-19 situation of Kerala was under control but after Onam, Kerala witnessed a spike in the Covid-19 counts.