Paytm is set to launch mini-app stores to support Indian developers

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fter the refute between Paytm and Google over Play Store’s billing mandate, Paytm has dialled up a notch in the fight as it has announced the launch of its custom-built websites or “mini-apps” which will provide an app-like experience that will also support Indian developers to promote their products to the masses.

These mini-apps can be accessed also without downloading them and they will be listed in Paytm’s main application. Paytm’s founder and CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma said that Paytm is proud to launch the mini-app store to create opportunities for small Indian app developers as well as the Paytm users to access their payment method.

The company also reported that the beta version of the mini-app store that was running for selected users has recorded over 12 million app visits in September.  The company will also provide the app developers a free service to list and distribute their products.