Invest India Conference inaugurated in Canada

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Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi would give the commencement speech at a conference named Invest India in Canada at about 6:30 PM IST presently.

The Platform helps to offer the Canadian corporate sector a first-hand view on the capital to expand in India as well as to highlight India as just an economic hub.

The meeting is anticipated to be attended by executives from banks as well as insurance agencies, hedge funds, agencies in industries such as airlines, electronics and engineering, consultancy services, universities, respectively.

Canada is house to some of the biggest and most seasoned infrastructure developers in the world. The Canadian pension plans were among the first to launch direct investment in India. Most of them would have indeed found great prospects in a variety of areas, such as roads, airports, logistics, telecommunications and property development. They are seeking to expand their footprint and discover new places to invest in. Thoughtful Canadian investors who’ve been in this country for many times now could be our strongest global brands.

Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi provided a keynote speech at just the Invest India Conference throughout Canada on Thursday night, via teleconference. Today’s event was arranged with a particular emphasis on further improving the business relations between India as well as Canada.

PM Modi spoke on economic issues at the Invest India Meeting, attended by members including banks and other financial firms, pension funds, firms in industries such as aviation, computers as well as engineering, consultants, institutions, etc.

India-Canada’s bilateral relations are motivated by our mutual liberal ideals and many mutual interests. Business and financial links between us are an integral part of our multi-faceted marriage.

Labor law revisions dramatically reduce the number of labour laws. They are pleasant to both staff and workers and would help improve the business climate. 

India successfully ensured changes in the labour and agricultural sectors. They ensure stronger involvement by the private industry while improving the govt’s welfare programs. These changes would contribute to a win-win scenario for both developers and hard-working citizens.

India plays the role of medicine in the country. Since then, we have delivered medication to about 150 nations. Through March-June of such year, our food products increased by 23 per cent. This occurred when the whole world was in a deep lockdown.

India has taken a special approach to the Covid-19 pandemic. We also offered relief through stimulus packages for the needy and small enterprises. We also took advantage of this ability to implement institutional reforms. These changes ensure greater growth and stability.

In the post-COVID setting, you can also learn about different kinds of issues. Manufacturing challenges, supply chain challenges, PPE concerns, etc. That being said, India has not allowed these problems to emerge.