MoU signed between All India Institute of Ayurveda and Amity University

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Following the strategy of the Department of AYUSH to forge alliances to support and improve AYUSH Healthcare Programs, the AIIA, in New Delhi signed an MOU with Amity College on 7th October, the year of 2020. The MoU works on the advancement of study in the Ayurvedic Disciplines.

The AIIA MoU is part of the Amity IIMS, which was founded by that of the Amity College in 2018 in acknowledgement of the increasing significance of the Indian Medicinal practices. The MoU foresees cooperation between consistency and standardisation of Ayurvedic medicines and even some PhD degrees in natural product synthesis as well as a pharmacy. Research in Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacodynamics including Pharmacokinetics has also been listed as future fields of cooperation. It would also contribute to collaborative ventures and publications.

The relationship is anticipated to occur in some state-of-the-art studies in Ayurveda and also in the development and dissemination of information related to Ayurvedic studies around the world. It would combine ancient wisdom with contemporary science and bring new aspects to study in Ayurveda.

The Ministry of AYUSH assumes an important role in the overall implementation and promotion of the Indian medical system in the emerging pandemic situation of COVID-19, according to the report.

It added that Ayurveda itself made an impact by offering prophylactic remedies, most of which have been developed through scientific studies.

The Ministry has acknowledged the need to forge alliances with related and stakeholder organisations to expand the scale and reach of AYUSH healthcare initiatives that are accessible to the public.