Celebration of 72nd Raising Day

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The Territorial Army came into force on 09th October 1948. They were regarded as “Citizen’s army”. Now that we look back, we realise that they have moved way forward and have been a constant support to the Regular Army, as well. That TA Soldier is indeed known as a multi-talented along with, talented nominee, and his involvement has improved several times in recent years. After independence, TA has fought in both Conflicts, and later several TA Air Defense and Artillery have been transformed into Standard Army Units due to their military skills.

The Southern Command Zone, which stretches from Kerala and lasts till Gujarat and Andaman, comprises of 13 Infantry TA Battalions with full-time positions in Kannur, as well as Coimbatore, Belgaum, Kolhapur, including Pune, etc., which not only provides protection to the Rear Region, and support the Flood Relief & Assistance to Civil Authorities when needed, even though the majority of the unit is located in  Kashmir as well as North-Eastern Europe.

The 2 Ecological TA systems are entirely focused on afforestation activities in the mountainous Marathwada district of Maharashtra as well as in the Rajasthan plains across the Indira Gandhi river. The 4 Departmental TAs (Railway, Energy, Marketing Sector) are always available for Authority & Organizational duties in moments of emergency. Terriers are therefore a multi-faceted and professional fighting force engaged in a variety of roles that contribute to the construction of the Indian Army and Country.

Tuesday had been celebrated as the 73rd Raising Day from the Western Command, the frontier tactical military unit of the Indian armed forces.

To celebrate the anniversary, Lt Gen R P Singh, Army Commander, Western Command, placed a bouquet at the Veer Smriti, in Chandimandir, close here, to show respect to the brave veterans of the Western Command.

He also communicated greetings and commiserations to all the ranks, vets, civilian workers and relatives, a defence report already said. He even launched a web-based complaints resolution platform at Chandimandir Military Station to even further alleviate and resolve Veteran Group complaints.

The Command became formed in 1947 with Delhi as well as East Punjab Command but ultimately re-appointed as the ‘Western Command’ by January, in the year of 1948. The Command head office moved to Shimla in the year of 1954.

Just after Indo-Pak dispute of 1971, the Northern Command became sculpted outside from Western Command to take over the responsible behaviour of Jammu and Kashmir.