SVAMITA scheme’s distribution of property cards

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Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi, on 11th October through teleconferencing, with an intent to create a wave of revolution and set to change the rural side of the country while empowering lakhs of people, would inaugurate the distribution of Property cards for SVAMITA Scheme.

This launch would allow about 1 lakh of property holders to access their Property Cards via the SMS reference link sent to their cell phones. This will be accompanied by the actual delivery of the Property Cards from the respective national governments. These recipients come from 763 households in 6 states, comprising 346 from UP, 221 of Haryana, 100 of Maharashtra, as well as 44 of MP, 50 of Uttarakhand and 2 of Karnataka. Recipients from all such states, excluding Maharashtra, would get digital versions of the Property Cards once per day – Maharashtra seems to have the scheme to reclaim the nominal charge of the Property Card, so this would take a month. 

In the middle of a contagion-forced shutdown, the Hon’ble Prime Minister declared the Panchayati Raj Diwas Svamitva scheme on April 24th. The scheme seeks to map rural populated land utilising drones as well as the new survey techniques and is prompted by the reality that land titles, in particular maps, seem to be either incorrect or do not exist for large areas around the world. For the ordinary observer, this does not appear to be the most important field of action, but it has far-reaching implications and is among the essential changes needed. 

The lack of reliable property records has been most dramatically affected in moments of emergency. Cyclone Amphan ravaged large parts of the coastline of Odisha as well as West Bengal, leaving millions unemployed. Any recovery attempt to support people restore their homes will immensely profit from the property records to define who resided were, as well as the borders and scale of their property.