Another false accusation on Sushant Singh Rajput case, targeted for defaming Rhea

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On Sunday, the Central Bureau of Investigation was informed by a  neighbour of SSR, Dimple Thawani that Sushant was spotted lurking around Rhea’s house on the 13th of June- the day before he committed suicide. According to the witness, Sushant was there to drop Rhea off- a claim she acknowledges to be only hearsay on further questioning. After all, this came to light, Rhea claimed the woman to be a liar selling ‘bogus’ stories for cheap publicity. Satish Maneshinde who is consulting Rhea’s legal dealings demands punitive measures to be taken against those including Thawani who are trying and to some extent succeeding in misleading the investigation.

Sandhya, Rhea’s mother has a valid point. We live in digital India per se. Why not check their cellular locations from that day. It will prove that the locations do not match thus the tip is utterly useless.