Karnataka’s northern part received damage after three days of continuous rain

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Sources from the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre reported that heavy rains in the northern part of the state for three days have caused havoc damage. The damages have resulted in crop loss, inundation, and damages to the houses. The KSNDMC officials have also added that the floodgates of the major dams in Krishna and Cauvery basins have been opened due to the rainfall. Some of the districts were severely affected such as Yadgir, Kalaburagi, and Bidar as many lakes overflowed and flooded the villages.

The heavy rains stopped the daily activities of the villagers in Kalaburagi’s Aland Taluk as a major lake overflowed. Sources also said that small islands were formed as waters from the lake were suddenly released. Some other villages such as Chincholi Taluk, Yargol village in Yadgir district faced water-logging and huge damage to crops.