National Investigation Agency questioned two Congress MLA’s in connection with the August 11 Bengaluru riots

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) officers grilled two Congress MLAs on Tuesday in connection with the east Bengaluru riots which broke out on August 11, this year. The riot claimed four lives that took place after Naveen Kumar, who is the nephew of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasamurthy, shared an objectionable post on Facebook.

BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan and Rizwan Arshad were the first legislators who were interrogated in the case for over two hours individually, sources reported. Till now, 422 people have been arrested by Bengaluru police, and NIA arrested one person after it took charge of the case on September 21.

The sources also added that the NIA officers wanted to know the first-hand accounts of the incident from the Congress MLAs and asked about detailed information regarding his time or arrival on the scene and the steps taken by him on reaching the violence-hit areas.