Perks Available for entities engaged in Uploading of News and Current Affairs

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With according to Decision of the Central Government Vacuum Press Note 4/2019 of the Division for the Promotion of Business and Internal Trade (DPIIT) approving 26 per cent FDI within the Government Permission Route for ‘Uploading/Streaming of Current Affairs and News by Digital Media,’ the Department of Information and Broadcasting would suggest extending the following benefits shortly.

  1. GDP accreditation for its photographers, cameramen, videographers, allowing them to receive better first-hand information and access, including participating in official press conferences and other contacts.
  2. Persons with GDP accreditation could also benefit from CGHS advantages and concession rail fares in compliance with the new protocol.
  3. Eligibility for internet ads through the Office of Outreach and Collaboration.
  4. Comparable to self-regulating body parts in print and broadcast media, digital media enterprises may form self-regulating body parts that will further one’s interests and interactions with governments.


The Government announced on Friday that it would consider expanding the advantages of global current affairs including news media organisations, such as granting GDP accreditation to their photographers, cameramen and videographers, soon.

The Center also encouraged digital media companies to form self-regulatory bodies to advance their goals and to engage with the government.

The Dept. of Information and Broadcasting said that according to the resolution of the federal government, the press release of the DPIIT enabled 26 per cent of FDI under the government approval route to ‘upload/transmission of current affairs and news via digital media.’

In a tweet, the I&B Ministry claimed that it would propose expanding those privileges, currently applicable to conventional media (print and TV), to organisations engaging in the downloading or broadcasting of news and current affairs by digital media shortly.

The services that it would consider applying to such media include GDP accreditation for its photographers, cameramen, videographers, allowing them to receive greater first-hand knowledge and access, including involvement in official press conferences as well as other contacts, the statement said.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]