Diwali amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As the month of November starts, people in India are preparing for the festive season. Many people identify this season as their favourite time of year, and why not? It’s time for a lot of people to go home to see their friends, eat festive food to candy, spend their time with their loved ones, and celebrate the little things.

Even as we do every year, health is paramount, and people still ensure that their family and friends are well and secure during these periods. While we celebrate the festive period with the beginning of the Dussehra, accompanied by Diwali, during the COVID-19 contagion, it becomes even more necessary to put special focus on health & welfare.

This Diwali seems to be the best opportunity and the worst of days. Although the Festival of Lights has ignited a growing appetite for a sustainable consumer and electronics industry that is working to satisfy the demand for everything from tablets to refrigerators, fashion and luxury stores are slow in demand.

Apparel vendors nationally that serve a large number of mom-and-pop shops and small retailers that dominate almost 70 per cent of the Diwali apparel markets said requests for Diwali have shrunk to around 30 per cent this time from last year. Larger players like Biba and Manyavar – who also depend heavily on Indian industry for the biggest holiday season – are slashing supply and orders by about 40% for the existing financial year ending March 2021.

On Sunday, Harsh Vardhan who is the Union Health Minister asked people to keep away from big congregations and faithfully follow the rules of COVID-19 during the approaching festive period, saying that no religion or Deity is asking people to celebrate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]