Kashmir anticipates with optimism a rise in sustainable tourism during the G20 summit.

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The G20 Summit might help disseminate a positive message around the world and provide Jammu and Kashmir’s tourism industry a much-needed boost.

The Ecotourism Society of Kashmir (ETSK) has welcomed the G20 summit that is scheduled to take place in the valley, which is a big development for the Kashmiri tourism industry.

Convener of the ETSK, Sameer Baktoo, expressed confidence that the summit will boost the travel and tourism sector and spread a positive message throughout the world.

He believes that the travel warnings placed in place by some nations to prevent their citizens from visiting Kashmir would be revoked, and that after the G20 summit in Kashmir, the valley will see a large influx of foreign visitors similar to what happened in the early 1980s.

The ETSK, he continued, sees the G20 summit as a turning point in the expansion of the travel industry. Their development strategies ought to be focused on ecotourism, and they ought to treat their eco-vulnerable areas with care.

Sameer Baktoo stressed the importance of promoting responsible tourism, stating that “climate change is a global challenge,” as a way to increase the region’s resistance to climate change.

The Kashmir region has been the focus of the ETSK’s efforts to promote ecotourism and environmentally friendly travel methods. The group thinks that by using these techniques, the local populace may benefit economically while simultaneously preserving the area’s natural beauty.

The G20 summit is expected to attract a lot of attention from across the world, so the ETSK is hoping that it will help raise awareness of the area’s potential as a tourist destination. The ETSK is certain that more tourism will be advantageous for the area in terms of both the economy and the environment if it is promoted in a way that is sustainable and responsible.