Twitter’s Nudity Outrage: Centre’s Action Looms!

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A viral video from Manipur, India, has shocked the nation, showing the gruesome assault on two women belonging to the Kuki-Zo tribe. The incident occurred amidst deadly ethnic riots between the Meitei and Kuki-Zo tribes, leaving the country outraged and demanding justice. This blog sheds light on the harrowing incident, the delayed response of authorities, and the plea for justice from affected families.

The Disturbing Viral Video

The 26-second video showcases a group of men, some as young as 15, brutally assaulting two Kuki-Zo women and leading them to an empty field. At least one woman, aged 21, was gang-raped, while the other, aged 42, was also attacked, according to the filed FIR.

Deadly Ethnic Riots in Manipur

The incident took place on May 4, following deadly clashes between the mainly Hindu Meitei and predominantly Christian Kuki-Zo tribes in Manipur. These clashes arose due to a proposal to extend job and education reservations to the Meiteis, leading to at least 130 deaths and over 50,000 displacements of Kuki-Zo individuals.

Silent Authorities and Internet Ban

Families of the survivors accused the authorities of indifference and inaction towards their plight. The incident was reported to the police on May 18, but the case was transferred after a month, and no action was taken until the video surfaced. The internet ban in Manipur since May 3 further complicated the situation.

Public Outcry and Demands for Justice

The disturbing video caught the attention of the nation, prompting outrage and demands for justice. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief and anger over the incident, while India’s Supreme Court called for action against the perpetrators.

Delayed Justice and Lack of Trust

The families of the victims narrated their ordeal, revealing that the police were present when the attacks occurred. Despite attempts to seek justice, little action has been taken, leaving the victims’ families disillusioned and dehumanized. The affected families call for justice and accountability from the authorities. They demand that the perpetrators be held accountable, ensuring a safe and just environment for their community.

Summing it up

The harrowing incident in Manipur has shocked the nation and sparked public outcry for justice. The delayed response of authorities and the lack of trust in the system have further deepened the pain and suffering of the affected families. As the country demands justice for the victims, it is a sobering reminder of the urgent need for a safer and more compassionate society, where every individual’s rights and dignity are protected.