What is the cost of rebranding India to Bharat?

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The recent G20 Summit held in New Delhi brought attention to a notable change: the plaque in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi read ‘Bharat,’ not ‘India.’ This change ignited widespread debates and discussions, both in the media and on social media platforms. In this article, we are not only looking at the cost of rebranding India to Bharat but also what the different opinions are about the same.

The opinions are divided

Opinions on renaming India to Bharat are sharply divided among the public. Social media timelines and family WhatsApp groups have been buzzing with discussions, reflecting the nation’s mixed feelings about the proposed renaming.

Political Flare-Ups can’t be ignored

In political circles, the issue has become increasingly contentious. Senior BJP leader Dilip Ghosh from West Bengal stated that India would be renamed Bharat, and those unhappy with the change are “free to leave the country.” The rhetoric highlights the polarized nature of this debate.

But, the question still remains; what is the cost of rebranding?

The Cost of Rebranding

The speculation surrounding the potential renaming of India to Bharat has led to questions about the financial implications of such a monumental rebranding exercise.

An intellectual property lawyer, Darren Oliver, who devised a method to estimate the cost of renaming a country, has suggested that the approximate cost of renaming India as Bharat could be a staggering Rs 14,304 crore.

But on what basis is the estimate made?

Oliver’s formula, based on the renaming of Swaziland to Eswatini, considers the average marketing budget of a large enterprise (around 6% of total revenue) and allocates up to 10% of the overall marketing budget for rebranding. Applying this formula to India, with its fiscal year 2022-23 revenue receipts of Rs 23.84 lakh crore, results in the estimated cost of Rs 14,304 crore for the name change.

The final Verdict is Uncertain

While these estimates are thought-provoking, the final decision and bill for the potential renaming are yet to be determined. The discussion over rebranding India to Bharat involves considerations of history, identity, and practicality. It remains to be seen whether such a change will occur and what its true impact will be on India’s brand equity on the global stage. It remains unclear whether the government intends to proceed with the name change. Recent events, including the G20 Summit, have featured references to Bharat, adding to the uncertainty surrounding this topic.