Is this German new show worth the hype?

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Source: Softonic

“Dear Child” (or “Liebes Kind” in its original German) sounds like a gripping and suspenseful miniseries that would indeed be a great addition to Netflix’s lineup. The premise of the severely injured woman, the unharmed girl, and their connection to a 13-year-old missing persons case creates a compelling mystery. The fact that it’s based on an international bestseller by Romy Hausman adds to its potential appeal. So, Should you watch this series? Read till the end to find out. 

What are the critic websites saying about it?

The positive reception on Rotten Tomatoes and FlixPatrol, along with enthusiastic recommendations on social media, suggests that “Mi Dulce Niña” (the series’ Spanish title) has struck a chord with viewers, particularly those who enjoy psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. The comparisons to real-life cases like Josef Fritzl and fictional stories like “Room” and “Gone Girl” hint at a complex and intriguing narrative.

The description of the series opener, with its eerie atmosphere and the enigmatic mark on the woman’s palm, creates a sense of tension and curiosity, making it all the more enticing to watch.

Are we recommending you to watch it?

We have a new series recommendation for you. Overall, “Dear Child” seems to have the elements of a successful Netflix series, blending suspense, mystery, and psychological thriller elements. It’s likely to be a hit among fans of the genre and those looking for a compelling and suspenseful story to binge-watch.