Why are People crowding to these tourist destinations?

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As the world emerges from the pandemic, the travel industry is experiencing a robust resurgence, with travelers eager to explore new destinations and revisit old favorites. However, this rapid return of tourism has also drawn attention to the issue of over-tourism in some popular locations. Recent research conducted by MoneyTransfers.com has revealed the world’s most overcrowded tourist destinations by comparing the number of visitors to the local population.

Top Overcrowded Tourist Destinations

1. Phuket, Thailand (118.5): Phuket takes the top spot with an astonishing 118.5 travelers per resident.

2. Pattaya, Thailand (98.7): Following closely, Pattaya boasts 98.7 travelers per resident.

3. Krabi, Thailand (72.2): Krabi rounds out the Thai trio with 72.2 travelers per resident.

4. Mugla, Turkey (40.2): Turkey’s Mugla region comes fourth with 40.2 travelers per resident.

5. Hurghada, Egypt (28.6): Egypt’s Hurghada is fifth on the list with 28.6 travelers per resident.

6. Macau (26.9): Macau features sixth with 26.9 travelers per resident.

7. Heraklion, Greece (22.0): Greece’s Heraklion is seventh with 22.0 travelers per resident.

8. Venice, Italy (21.3): The iconic Venice takes the eighth spot with 21.3 travelers per resident.

9. Rhodes, Greece (20.3): Rhodes in Greece ranks ninth with 20.3 travelers per resident.

10. Miami, the United States (18.6): Miami enters the list at the tenth position with 18.6 travelers per resident.

11. Orlando, the United States (17.8)

12. Las Vegas, United States (10.2)

13. Cancún, Mexico (9.6)

14. Antalya, Turkey (9.2)

15. Honolulu, the United States (8.1)

Why is everybody traveling to Thailand for vacation?

Thailand remains a popular destination for travelers not just due to its natural beauty and developed tourism infrastructure but also because it offers excellent value for money. The favorable exchange rates make money conversion and transfers in Thailand advantageous for tourists.

Countries with the Highest Overcrowding

Interestingly, despite Thailand’s cities dominating the list, the country itself is relatively low in the ranking of the countries most visited. Austria tops the list of the most overcrowded countries in the world, with an average of 3.6 international visitors per inhabitant. It is followed by Hong Kong and Greece with 3.8 and 3 tourists per inhabitant, respectively.

What are the consequences of overcrowding?

The index highlights the overcrowding faced by many cities worldwide due to international visitors. While not necessarily unwelcome, this popularity can lead to overcrowding and negative consequences. The recent example of devastating fires in Maui underscores the concerns of locals in popular destinations who desire a balance between tourism and the preservation of their environment.

As tourism continues its resurgence, addressing over-tourism becomes paramount to ensure the sustainability of both popular and lesser-known travel destinations.