Nokia Takes Legal Action Against Amazon and HP

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Image Source: techtimes

In a significant development, Nokia, the renowned Finnish telecom company, has initiated legal proceedings against both Amazon and HP. These legal actions span across various global jurisdictions, including the United States and India. In addition to the United States, Nokia has filed lawsuits against Amazon in Germany, Britain, and at the European Union’s patent court. A separate lawsuit has been lodged against HP in the United States. These legal actions primarily revolve around allegations of patent infringements related to video technologies.

Years of Unsuccessful Discussions

Despite these legal actions, Nokia emphasizes that the decision to resort to litigation came after years of unsuccessful negotiations with Amazon and HP. The inability to reach mutually agreeable terms pushed the company to seek legal remedies, as it felt that the companies were not adhering to the established industry norms and practices.

Key Patent Violations in Video Technologies

The core of Nokia’s legal claims against Amazon and HP is centered on patent violations related to various video technologies. These include infringements in areas such as video compression, content delivery, content recommendation, and hardware aspects. Nokia underscores the importance of safeguarding its intellectual property rights in a market that is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2027.

Nokia’s Approach to Amicable Agreements

Despite the ongoing legal disputes, Nokia underscores its preference for reaching amicable agreements with companies that utilize its technology. The company points to its successful negotiations with other tech giants such as Apple and Samsung as evidence of its commitment to engaging in constructive and good-faith negotiations with other parties.

Nokia’s Response to Market Dynamics

The decision to pursue legal action against Amazon and HP comes in the context of broader challenges in the market, notably the declining demand for Nokia’s 5G equipment in North America. As a response to these market dynamics, Nokia recently announced plans to cut up to 14,000 jobs, reflecting the difficulties it faces in adapting to changing market conditions while also safeguarding its intellectual property in the video technology sector.