To “hide” your chats, WhatsApp has released the Chat Lock function

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The function would give an extra degree of security for a user’s “most intimate” communications, according to WhatsApp parent company Meta.

The ‘Chat Lock’ feature for WhatsApp was unveiled by Meta on Monday in order to increase user privacy. According to a blog post, the function would offer an extra layer of security to a user’s “most intimate” conversations.

What does the ‘Chat Lock’ feature do?

When a WhatsApp discussion is “locked,” the conversation thread is allegedly removed from the user’s inbox and placed behind its own folder. Additionally, this automatically hides that chat’s content from notifications.

How is a locked chat accessible?

A person can only use their device’s password or a biometric like their fingerprint for this.

Advantages of chat locks

According to Meta, having the option to lock a chat will be quite helpful for people who occasionally share their phones with family members. Additionally, it will be useful when a private message arrives while your phone is in the possession of another person.

Details on how to utilize Chat Lock are accessible here.

Features are available

The feature for WhatsApp has already begun to go out through Meta. Additionally, Chat Lock will get new features in the upcoming days, such as companion device locks and custom chat passwords, so a person can use a password other than their phone’s to unlock a conversation.